Monterey Condors Club Financial Aid FAQ

Q: How do I apply for Financial Aid? 

A: You can download the application in English MCC Financial Aid Application and Spanish MCC Financial Aid Application (Spanish)

Please complete and submit the application, along with required documents to:

Monterey Condors Club

P.O. Box 1713

Salinas CA 93902

or via email

Q: How much aid is available, am I guaranteed aid? 

A: Each year the club budgets a set amount to support the financial aid program, but this does not guarantee that all applicants will receive support. 

Q: What does Financial Aid cover? 

A: Financial Aid covers MCC club dues. It does not include uniform expenses, travel, lodging, apparel or miscellaneous expenses. 

Q: Who decides which families receive financial aid? 

A: The MCC Board of Directors follow the guidelines of Financial Aid to make all financial aid decisions. 

Q: What factors go into awarding Financial Aid? 

A: The MCC Financial Aid Program largely depends on a family’s qualification with required proof of eligibility. For those requesting aid but who do not qualify, the Financial Aid application includes a section to explain extenuating circumstances for aid requests. 

Q: What other requirements are needed for Financial Aid? 

A: All families receiving financial assistance will be required to perform 10 hours of volunteer service. Families cannot choose to pay the buy-out fee and are required to report their hours at the end of the season using the Volunteer Form at

Q: When will I know if I qualify for aid and amount of award? 

A: Families will be notified either by email or phone call of program acceptance/denial and the amount of award based on season and age group of player. All families will be notified by MCC within 4 weeks of receipt of the application. 

Q: If I have more than one player in my family, do I need to complete a Financial Aid application for each one? 

A: No, MCC does not require a separate form for each member of the family. 

Q: Do I need to complete a Financial Aid form each year I need aid? 

A: Yes, MCC requires each family to complete a new application each year.