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Our goal is to provide a better soccer experience: 

  1. Implement players’ movement based on development. 
  2. Always try to score more goals than the opponent and prevent the opponent from scoring. 
  3. Create a safe environment for the youth to develop their abilities while playing soccer. 
  4. Play-Practice-Play techniques. 
  5. Create an opening scoring technique in the team. 
  6. Give players the responsibility of self-reflection, this helps them to develop a much better understanding of the game.

Core Values 

Respect – Treat each person with dignity and courtesy. 

Leadership – Empower yourself and others to enjoy success on and off the field. 

Integrity – Do the right thing. 

Passion – Energize, engage, and inspire yourself and others. 

Creativity – Think outside the box with innovation and imagination 

Injury Prevention

Parents Code of Conduct

We expect all parents to maintain a positive attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sporting behavior.

Parent Code of Conduct (English Version) 

Parent Code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

Waiver of Liability & Release Page

Players Code of Conduct 

Zero Tolerance Policy – All players are expected to demonstrate sporting behavior before, during and after games, scrimmages and practices. 

Player Code of Conduct (English Version)

Player Code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

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Coaches Code of Conduct

The coaches are responsible for teaching and coaching all the players and are accountable for their actions to the Club’s Board as well as to the League and its referees.

Coaches Code of Conduct (English Version)

Coaches code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

Athlete Injury Accident Report Page