Soccer Coaching Education

Parents Code of Conduct 

We expect all parents to maintain a positive attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sporting behavior.

Parent Code of Conduct (English Version) 

Parent Code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

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Team Manager Agreement

Players Code of Conduct 

Zero Tolerance Policy – All players are expected to demonstrate sporting behavior before, during and after games, scrimmages and practices. 

Player Code of Conduct (English Version)

Player Code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

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Incident Report Form

Verification of Suspension Form

Coaches Code of Conduct 

The coaches are responsible for teaching and coaching all the players and are accountable for their actions to the Club’s Board as well as to the League and its referees.

Coaches Code of Conduct (English Version)

Coaches code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

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Firmar el Compromiso


Live Scan Employee/Volunteer Form

A Live Scan is mandatory for Coaches, Staff, Directors and Volunteers, no exceptions.

Live Scan Form (click here to view).

Fingerprinting Location:

The UPS Store 

1628 N Main St, 

Salinas CA 93906

The Club has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” towards verbal or physical abuse or harassment by anyone involved in the club in any capacity.

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