Competitive Soccer Program

A multi-player (i.e., sibling) discount is available for families with more than one player in the Monterey Condors Club. First child’s registration fee is full price and a discount of 15% is available for the second and third sibling’s registration fees. The sibling discount is limited to two children per family. Sibling discount is defined as the same parents and same address. Siblings must register at the same time to qualify for the discount.

Competitive soccer program and all of our programs

Fees are not refundable and not transferable. Your registration is a commitment to participate.

Medical and Relocation Refund Requests

In the event that a player is injured during the season and cannot play or practice for the remainder of the season, the Board may consider providing a partial refund. Families must submit a written request with a physician’s note. 

In the event that a family relocates out of the area during the season the Board may consider a partial refund on a case-by-case basis. Families must submit a written request. Note: The refundable amount will be affected by the date you request the refund, not the date of the event.

Got questions about the refund policy? Please contact us

Summit the written and physician’s note to: P.O. Box 1713, Salinas CA 93902. 

Delinquent Payments Policy for Registration

Any family/player who has fallen behind in making their monthly payment and/or installments payments by greater than 2 weeks will not be allowed to participate in practices, games, or any club events until they have paid the amount they owe to date.

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